The Conjuring and How I get Freaked out by Movie Trailers


So last night I went to seeĀ The Heat, expecting to get a great laugh watching Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy fight crime together, but a trailer forĀ The Conjuring blindsided me. Confession: I get more freaked out by trailers than the actual movies. It’s my overactive imagination. The storyline I devise in my head based on the snippets of action can cause me to jump at every sound as I try to sleep at night. What isn’t shown scares me way more than what is.

A friend wants me to see it with her even though she knows horror movies are my personal psychological torture. I would hate to pay eleven dollars to take some years off my life. Maybe I’ll go to find out if it’s as terrifying as my imagined version.

Strangely, I’m in the process of writing a novel about a ghost, and it contains many of the horror elements I hate in movies. Maybe through writing I can overcome my fears, or just freak myself out even more.

Here’s the link, watch at your own risk:

Anyone else get scared just from watching the trailers?