What I’ve Learned from Loss


A little over a year ago I lost my father. It was sudden; it was unexpected, and the past year has been a whirlwind of grief. Today I finished up the final paperwork for his estate, and I found myself crying and reflecting on what I’ve learned from the whole experience.

Don’t Wait

My dad had so many plans for his future. He wanted to travel and build a log cabin and experience so many things. So many things were put off for a retirement that would never come.
This has inspired me to reach for my goals now (like finishing my novel) and not count on later.

Show Love

I love hearing stories from people my dad helped. So many people claimed to be his best friend when introducing themselves at his funeral. My dad was kind to everyone and gave selflessly of his time.
Volunteering has helped me to cope. Focusing on others helps to ease the grief and carry on his legacy.

Step Forward

Grief is different for everyone. I alternated between bursting into tears and emotional numbness. Moving forward was difficult but through little steps and time, things started to get better (especially after the year mark). Grief counseling and the support of friends and family helped me, and I can now think of my dad sometimes without all the pain and sadness. His life brought so much joy to others and will be celebrated as I move forward.

To everyone experiencing loss, my heart is with you. I don’t think the grief ever completely goes away, but I’m slowly finding peace.